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  • Beth

    I’ve just experienced this myself and I’m so angry & upset.
    After failed IVF on the NHS, miscarriages and 10 years of trying for our first at age 45 i paid for private treatment in Spain. It worked I’m just 4 weeks pregnant but my doctor surgery is refusing to help me with the support drugs I need. progesterone & oestrogen which are cheap drugs & available on the NHS. I ran out of meds and the doctor phoned me saying they couldn’t give me them or treat me. That I should go back to my private clinic or try somewhere else! I’m absolutely appalled after 10 years of trying I’m finally pregnant and my GP is making my life stressful! I ended up paying for a private script at Asda pharmacy who offer the drugs at cost price! Surely now am actually pregnant I’m entitled to free prescriptions!!!!
    I hope this isn’t the start of more discrimination against ivf and private last resort patients!

    October 12, 2017
  • Readinggirl

    It’s sad to read this, but I know it’s true. I’ve been there myself. Even if I fit all their criteria (NICE guidelines recommended criteria) I was still not offered IVF in England. I was told to ‘keep trying’. What’s the point in keeping trying when the private tests I paid for says it’s highly impossible for me to have a baby? But. I don’t blame the GPs who are overworked and have 3 minutes per patients. I blame the overarching health system which is crumbling due to poor decision-making, civil servants’ ignorance and other political priorities and power hungry individuals that want to set their own agenda.

    January 21, 2015

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