Testimonials – a selection of genuine reviews from our patients.


We had our 12 week scan and everything is looking good! It really was an amazing and emotional experience. We feel we can now get really excited, as until now we didn’t dare! I would like to thank you so much for all your support. It enabled us to fulfill our dream, something at many times I did not think would ever happen for us. The whole journey has been made incredibly easy because of the service you have provided. We never would have managed this on our own. We felt so supported 100% of the time and therefore very comfortable and relaxed with the whole process, which I have no doubt has resulted in such a great outcome so far (I’m aware we aren’t completely there yet!). I would not hesitate to recommend  your service to anyone and I could not fault the clinic – superb in every way. We believe having the ‘holiday experience’ was of great benefit. I hope to be able to continue to give you positive updates.

Ellie and Adam <br>Whitstable

Ellie and Adam

By the time a person considers using an egg donor they have usually exhausted most if not all other options. At 46, I had my age against me as well. Going to Europe for IVF was not only easier financially, the success rates seemed so much higher.
I first learned about Your IVF Journey through rave reviews on Netmums but figured the process would be difficult. I contacted Becky via email with several questions and couldn’t believe how easy the whole experience would be. I instantly felt at ease and realised that, thanks to Becky & Ben’s help, having IVF abroad would be a breeze. The clinic and all of their staff were amazing and although our first attempt didn’t work, our second attempt has resulted in the most beautiful and perfect baby boy. I can’t recommend Your IVF Journey highly enough. Thanks to them, I’m a Mum.

Amy and Marcus <br>Stoke on Trent

Amy and Marcus
Stoke on Trent

My husband had a failed vasectomy reversal and I had very poor egg quality so we knew IVF was the only option. Using Your IVF Journey was the best decision we ever made. Becky was there for us from the very beginning and made what may seem like a daunting experience (going abroad for IVF) very easy and stress free. IVF in the UK would have cost us £11,000, caused more stress (because we would have been working at the same time) and lower success rates. The clinic in Brno was outstanding, professional and obviously good at what they do! We are so blessed that our IVF story gave us a beautiful, healthy baby boy, we have Becky and the team at Your IVF Journey to thank for him.

Lorraine and Matt <br>Burton on Trent

Lorraine and Matt
Burton on Trent

I was 43 when I found Becky and Ben’s website. We had gone through 6 rounds of IVF over 10 years. We felt a renewed sense of hope when we read their story. The communication with Becky and Ben was efficient and very useful from the outset. I travelled to Brno to have some of the preparatory testing done, as it was cheaper and could be carried out easily by the clinic. Before our trip for the embryo transfer, a scan in the UK showed a fibroid. The Reprofit doctor we saw was excellent, suggesting an exploratory HSK to examine the fibroid. He concluded that we could go ahead with ET. We were very impressed by the individual care and understanding of our case. This was definitely not the ‘one size fits all’ approach we had experienced during previous IVF treatments. Two weeks later, we tested and were overjoyed to get a positive pregnancy test! I am now 14 weeks pregnant and we feel blessed to have found Ben and Becky. We are also thankful to the young donor who has helped us to achieve our pregnancy.

Sally and James <br>Nottingham

Sally and James

Becky was fantastic. The clinic itself was second to none, the staff, the care, the expertise and the efficiency. We had a great holiday in Brno and actually did day trips to Prague and Vienna. Sadly, the fresh IVF cycle did not work the first time, but Becky was on hand and incredibly supportive. She gave us the confidence to try again with a frozen embryo transfer (which has higher success rates). The second time around we relaxed so much more and it felt like a real holiday. The FET worked, and we have now a gorgeous little boy who couldn’t be more perfect. We recommend Your IVF Journey and Reprofit, as they are much cheaper than the UK. Their scientific methods and knowledge seem to be more advanced than UK clinics, and you get a lot of one to one with Becky and Ben. This really helped make the experience a good one for us. ’

Kam and Zahid <br>Leeds

Kam and Zahid

Becky and Ben were amazing! They listened carefully to our situation, organised our trip perfectly and were always available and willing to answer our many questions.  This reduced our stress levels massively. The result of our egg donation cycle is our beautiful Ryan. The clinic was really good and everyone was so helpful and positive. We also think the agency fee was very reasonable for the work they did for us. Thank you Ben and Becky, truly we could not have done this without you!

Jessica and Phil <br>Gloucester

Jessica and Phil

Our stars aligned when we discovered Your IVF Journey. After my third miscarriage, we began to research our options. In the US, egg donation is extremely expensive. I began looking into other options and came across a blog about traveling abroad for infertility treatments. That’s when I found Your IVF Journey and we contacted Becky. That decision changed our lives. We travelled to the Czech Republic in June 2018 for our first round. Unfortunately it was unsuccessful, but we enjoyed a wonderful European vacation together. I went back in November for our last frozen embryo. It worked! We have a beautiful baby boy. He has brought so much love and joy to our family. We couldn’t be happier, and plan to try for baby number 2 this summer. I would highly recommend using Your IVF Journey and Reprofit. We had such a positive experience and we are looking forward to trying again.

Tori and Jeff <br>Denver, USA

Tori and Jeff
Denver, USA

After four years of trying to have a baby naturally, then via IVF with the NHS, my husband and I were about to give up. Emotionally and financially we were at the end of the line. Then we found Becky and Ben online. At 42, I was starting to accept that my dream of becoming a mum was out of reach, but they encouraged me to consider each and every option carefully. By 43, I was pregnant using a donor egg. Our beautiful son is now nearly one. He’s our world. We have no regrets, and we are in the process of trying for a sibling using the same donor via Your IVF Journey. Becky and Ben are knowledgeable and honest. But more than that they are sympathetic and immensely kind during what can be a very emotional and stressful time for any couple. We cannot thank them enough for their help in making our dreams come true.

Harriet and Simon <br>Plymouth

Harriet and Simon

Using Your IVF Journey made going abroad for our fertility treatment much less daunting than if we had done it on our own. Becky was really helpful and led us step-by-step through the process, making everything very clear. She provided practical details, such as how to access the drugs in the UK with a foreign prescription. The information guide was so useful when we were in Brno, including everything from where to stay and eat to how to purchase tram tickets. As a result our trip felt like a kind of mini-break in a beautiful city, and not the stressful experience I was expecting! They even recommended someone to go to for a massage, which I would highly recommend (I went twice!). The clinic was organised, professional and caring. Again we felt like every step and choice was clearly explained. The cost is so much less than the UK and we couldn’t have asked for better care. We were delighted to welcome our baby girl into the world in November. She is totally adored by us and her big brother. It is mind-blowing to think that without Your IVF Journey she would not be here. I would definitely recommend this clinic and Your IVF Journey to anyone considering IVF treatment.

Marcia and Patrick <br>Folkestone

Marcia and Patrick

We had a little girl on Sunday: Katie, 6 lbs 1, perfect and completely beautiful. We didn’t want to jinx the process by thanking you too early. To express the gratitude we both feel for first finding you and the fact you publicise this process and help so many couples is hard to put down. We have looked at each other and her and have said over and over: imagine if we had not tried that last time when most if not all hope had gone. So it’s a perfect end with a perfect beautiful girl, who already has my four sisters and Andrea’s six brothers eating out of the palm of her hand. So thank you endlessly.

Andrea and Mark <br>York

Andrea and Mark

Your IVF Journey were amazing! They made the process of going abroad for treatment so easy and not at all intimidating. Before we contacted them we weren’t sure whether to go abroad or not, and were a little nervous about how to go about sorting everything. Becky and Ben took all the hassle out for us. They made the process so smooth and stress-free, and it was so much cheaper! They were always on hand to answer any questions and provide reassurance. It’s such a personal service, which is what you want when you are going through something like fertility treatment. I can’t recommend them enough and would definitely use them again. It was such a great clinic – we felt so well cared for. Brno is a wonderful city and we will definitely be going back with our little one in the future. Thank you for everything Becky and Ben – we are so grateful and couldn’t have done it all without your wonderful support.

Lisa and Rob <br>Ashford

Lisa and Rob

The reassurance and seamless service you gave really was so supportive. I could not have organised everything myself and been confident about it. Going abroad for medical treatment is a daunting prospect and when I look back I can’t quite believe I was brave enough! I think this is largely due to having a friendly voice at the end of the phone/email guiding us through each step of the way. We could not be more thankful for your support. You offer a very valued, much needed service and I would not hesitate to recommend you to others who may need you.

Sam and Paul <br>Bournemouth

Sam and Paul

Following the initial contact made with Ben and Becky we knew we finally felt ready and supported to take the journey of trying IVF abroad. Initially very apprehensive we were almost immediately reassured that this would be a professional yet friendly and personal experience. The ongoing communication was excellent, as was the care received. We are forever grateful to Your IVF journey and extremely proud of our beautiful baby boy.

Leanne and John <br>Bath

Leanne and John

After trying IVF without no success in the UK, and being very disappointed with the service received from the local hospital as a private patient, we decided to carry out some research into IVF abroad. We read up on the different countries and visited the Fertility Show in London and from there made up our minds that the Czech Republic was where we wanted treatment. After further research we came across Your IVF Journey and the lovely Becky. Becky was amazing throughout our whole journey. She was a fantastic support and I felt like she was holding my hand and was always with me and my husband. We now have a beautiful 7 month old little boy who we both adore and is our world. We really could not have done this without Your IVF Journey and Becky’s support.

Carol and Andrew<br>Manchester

Carol and Andrew

I was very nervous as I picked up the phone to speak to Becky and Ben, but I really needn’t have been. Ben immediately put me at ease and assured me I definitely wasn’t too old at 43! We found their help and step by step instructions invaluable. Becky was always prompt with her replies. It made our journey to Reprofit go smoothly. We never thought we would be parents, but now we are the proud mum and dad of eight-week-old twin girls. We can’t thank Becky, Ben and the clinic enough.

Anna and Guy<br>Newcastle

Anna and Guy

A huge thank you to Becky and Ben at Your IVF Journey.  They made the whole process of going abroad to undergo IVF treatment calm and relaxed. I think if we had had to organise everything ourselves it could have been quite daunting, particularly as we have already been through such a tough time trying to conceive. My initial phone conversation was with Ben, who was very reassuring and kind. Becky was quick to respond to all my questions and provided very clear information throughout the whole process. Brno is a really beautiful city and we unexpectedly ended up having a very relaxing holiday there. The staff at the clinic were extremely professional and reassuring and we felt like we were in safe hands. Two weeks on our return I was pregnant and we are now proud parents to our beautiful baby boy. Thanks so much again!

Saskia and Chris<br>Leicester

Saskia and Chris

We were recommended to Becky and Ben via a friend. From the very first phone call they put our minds at ease and made the whole journey totally smooth and painless, explaining every part of the process clearly and easily. Whenever we had questions or needed a chat about the process they were always at the end of the phone offering support, and they always did this in a very professional manner. We also had lots of contact via email when we were in Brno during the process and felt very supported. We never would have be able to manage the process on our own, the service they offer is really amazing and now we are lucky to have had a baby girl through the clinic. Thank you Becky and Ben for helping us make our dream to become parents happen.

Polly and Stephen<br>Exeter

Polly and Stephen

We are looking at our gorgeous 5 month old daughter and still can’t quite believe she is here. Cannot recommend Becky, Ben and the clinic enough. After numerous miscarriages, a final shot at IVF seemed our only option and we picked this clinic because of the testimonials on the website and the very short waiting time. And it’s all true – being a nervous person, to say I had IVF abroad just goes to show how effortless the process was with Becky’s help. The clinic was amazing, Brno is a lovely place to visit, and we came home pregnant. What more can you ask for? We will be forever grateful to all involved for our beautiful baby girl.

Emma and Guy<br>Leeds

Emma and Guy

I just wanted to thank you again for helping us on the road to parenthood. Without your help and support there is no way we would have considered IVF abroad, meaning we would never have become parents. You made the whole process easy and any questions/issues we had were answered promptly. The clinic is fantastic and very professional – much better than the Harley Street clinic we used previously. My only regret is not finding you earlier. It would have saved us a lot of heartache, false promises and, of course, money! We are now proud parents to a happy, healthy little boy. He is an absolute pleasure and the apple of our eye. I am in no doubt that this is down to Your IVF Journey’s help, support and commitment to helping us on our journey, so thank you. You never know, we may be back for number 2!

Pattie and Ed<br>London

Pattie and Ed

We were in a very upsetting and difficult place when we came across the Your IVF Journey website. After reading about Becky and Ben’s own experiences and others we both knew that this felt like the right path for us. We contacted Becky and Ben the next day and talked to them on the phone. Hearing more about their story was very reassuring and we came away feeling a lot more positive about what we were to embark on. From that point on, it was really helpful to have their guidance through the process. It made it much easier than it otherwise would have been and I am happy to say that we are now loving getting to know our beautiful little daughter!

Christa and David<br>Bath

Christa and David

My husband and I have now had the help of Your IVF Journey twice. The first time was using egg donation. This was a daunting process to start with but I am delighted to say it was successful and we had our beautiful baby girl almost three years ago. We were also fortunate enough to be able to freeze two embryos and had an FET last year. Amazingly this was also successful and our second baby daughter was born earlier this year. We are thankful for our family every day and none of this would have been possible without the help and support of Becky and Ben. I was wary about going abroad for any medical treatment at first but I was completely put at ease. I felt supported and so well looked after during the entire process. I never expected such an attentive service. Also, the clinic in Brno is just as it was described: professional, caring and not at all scary. IVF is not an easy thing to go through and I am so glad that we found the help and support we needed through Your IVF Journey. Thank you so very much from the four of us.

Sian and Pete<br>Coventry

Sian and Pete

All communication were easy and clear throughout the process, and for the fee charged it was well worth the money. The clinic is as good, if not better, than the one we used in the UK. After seven years of trying in the UK with no success, our first attempt through Your IVF Journey was a complete success and we are now proud parents of our beautiful baby boy! Another extremely positive thing was that the full cost for our treatment, hotel stay, flights, agency fee and scans came in at just over half the cost of the treatment we received in the UK. I would, and have, highly recommended Your IVF Journey to everybody in a similar situation to myself. It has changed our lives and I can’t thank them enough.

Tamara and Al<br>London

Tamara and Al

We are hugely grateful for the kindness and support shown to us by Becky and Ben throughout the IVF process; having experienced the emotions and stresses themselves they are in a good position to understand your feelings. The service they offer is professional and prompt and their travel guide will cover every possible question you could have about your trip to Brno! The clinic is efficient and the staff very helpful and friendly. We are currently 32 weeks pregnant and will be forever grateful for this wonderful opportunity although there are no words sufficient to express our gratitude to all who have made this possible for us.

Stacey and Chris<br>Northampton

Stacey and Chris

When I found this website, I had been looking up information about adoption. I had given up all hope of IVF working. I had tried IVF three times already in this country, once with my own eggs and twice with donor eggs.  I had cried in front of the computer thinking that even adoption seemed to be impossibly hard and that we would not have another child. I’m so glad that Your IVF Journey is out there to let people know about the clinic in the Czech Republic. This clinic has very high success rates and is much cheaper than clinics in the UK. After one treatment I got pregnant and have had a beautiful baby girl. Your IVF Journey helped with liaising with the clinic, finding where to buy the medications needed in this country, information about where to stay during the treatment and transport there. I wouldn’t have had the courage or know-how to go abroad for treatment without them. If I hadn’t chanced upon their website I also wouldn’t have my beautiful baby daughter now. What more can I say? I am over the moon!

Emma and Patrick<br>Manchester

Emma and Patrick

We were delighted with Your IVF Journey. They made us feel very relaxed about using a foreign service, helped us with all the administration and travel and the clinic in the lovely town of Brno was clean, professional and friendly. After six rounds of IVF in the UK we were successful on our second attempt at Reprofit and we now have beautiful three-month-old boy/girl twins. Our dreams finally came true!

Robina and Chris<br>Newark

Robina and Chris

We contacted Becky and Ben at Your IVF Journey after doing lots of research on fertility treatment abroad. We wanted the reassurance and support from people who had gone through the process and knew the clinic. The fact they were UK-based also made us feel at ease. They provided fantastic support and were amazing during the whole process, and afterwards. On the day we flew out to the Czech Republic Becky personally called us to wish us luck. This was a very special touch. We were successful and have our amazing little boy, who is now six months old. We would 100% recommend Your IVF Journey’s service.

Sarah and Jon<br>Maidstone

Sarah and Jon

Every time I look at my little girl my heart melts a little bit more. If it wasn’t for the help I had from Becky and Ben and the great treatment I received at Reprofit, she wouldn’t be here today. That’s something now at 10 months I really can’t imagine. The process was so easy and straightforward and I’m looking forward to taking her back to Brno one day to show her where she came from. Thanks Ben and Becky for all your help, and the clinic, for making my dream a reality.

Jane and Steven<br>Torquay

Jane and Steven

Just to let you know our beautiful baby boy arrived into the world two weeks ago. We’re in love! Thank you both SO SO much for your support on this journey. Your assistance through this emotional time was invaluable and very much appreciated. You helped our long-awaited dream come true and we are forever grateful and we are already enthusiastically recommending you guys to others in our circumstances. A great big heartfelt thank you.

Martha and Paul<br>Woking

Martha and Paul

We can’t thank Becky and Ben enough for their amazing and unique help during our journey starting our family through IVF using donor eggs in the Czech Republic. They were such a fantastic support to us and made the whole process so much easier than if we had gone it alone. They were kind, empathetic, encouraging, efficient and extremely professional. We would highly recommend Your IVF Journey to anyone considering IVF abroad. Our gorgeous Alice is now nearly nine months and we are still counting our lucky stars that we made that leap to have her!

Jill and David<br>Truro

Jill and David

Don’t hesitate to use the service offered by Becky and Ben at Your IVF Journey. After a tragic late loss with a clinic in the UK we wanted a change. Becky helped though the tough process that IVF can entail, and made it easy and straightforward. Not only was her care outstanding the clinic was professional, friendly and far outshone the treatment we received in the UK. We fitted our IVF trip around a two-week holiday and came back to do a positive test. Now sat here with our three-month old son, and we couldn’t be more grateful to Becky, Ben and the clinic.

Sarah and Jonathan<br>Newcastle

Sarah and Jonathan

After attending the clinic in Brno we had our son last month.  He arrived 5 weeks early, and was very small, but has bounced back wonderfully – a happy, active, and exceedingly loving little boy. Our lives have been transformed with the greatest gift imaginable and my husband and I are so grateful to you both for your kind and conscientious support throughout our IVF journey. 

Christina and David<br>Cork, Ireland

Christina and David
Cork, Ireland

It took us five years to finally meet our baby boy. He is everything we dreamed he would be and more, and he justifies all the heartache we had to go through to get there. I stumbled upon Your IVF Journey’s website whilst I was undergoing fertility treatment in the UK, as it was full of clear and sensible advice. When all hope seemed gone, I remembered Becky’s story and turned to Your IVF Journey for a donor egg cycle. The process has been swift and straightforward, the support invaluable and the whole experience with the clinic in Brno more like a holiday than a treatment. Ben and Becky were more than just liaising with the clinic on our behalf, they were literally holding our hand through every step. Having gone through the process themselves made the contact more personal and their advice more relevant. Their service is first class yet good value for money, which is very important when you have already spent thousands on fertility treatments in the UK. Most importantly, what feels like a complicated process becomes manageable. Brno is a lovely city and the clinic felt like a spa in comparison with our own previous NHS experience. We were used to failing, so being successful on our first attempt was a wonderful outcome! Thank you again Becky and Ben, and speak soon as we’ll definitely be back to make number 2! I wish I could say thank you to the anonymous donor too, although thank you doesn’t begin to cover what she has done for us.

Megan and Matt<br>London, UK

Megan and Matt
London, UK

Rob and I had twin girls last month and we could not be happier. We are so in love with them. Our family that we have wanted for over eight years is now complete. We would like to say a BIG thank you, for all the silly questions that were answered and all the phone calls that I made. Nothing was ever a hassle, you always made us feel relaxed and made sure that this was going to be a great adventure. For that we will always be thankful. We have already recommended three hopeful couples to you. You have both been our guardian angels.

Merivan and Rob<br>Bristol, UK

Merivan and Rob
Bristol, UK

I just wanted to let you know that I’m now 31 weeks and things are going well (fingers crossed). I’m pregnant with twins and we are both very excited. I want to say a huge thankyou to you and your husband for helping us. We thank you frequently and really appreciate all your support

Susie and Rich<br>Chesterfield, UK

Susie and Rich
Chesterfield, UK

Following my heart and my deep desire to have a second child, I knew it was going to be a challenge. But I also knew it was the one challenge I had to rise to. When I contacted Becky and Ben at Your IVF Journey I found that I had a full team standing beside me right through that challenge. They provided knowledge, information and a solid contact point with the clinic, but most of all they provided me with the support and reassurance that I was making the right decision in going down the egg donation path. We were slightly daunted by the thought of going abroad for treatment but we found the clinic to be equally as good as our UK clinic. The whole treatment and time abroad was like a mini city break. We are now delighted to be expecting twins and I have never felt happier to advocate such a wonderful set up as Your IVF Journey. They provided me with the lifeline I needed to move on and create my family and I shall remain eternally grateful.

Niamh and Patrick<br>Sutton Coldfield, UK

Niamh and Patrick
Sutton Coldfield, UK

I know that without the accidental discovery of Becky and Ben’s services on the Internet I would almost certainly not be writing this while seven months pregnant. In fact, I am hardly able to believe that I have just written those words! Our first contact with Your IVF Journey was in the summer of 2015 when they replied to my initial email enquiry. I received a phone call within 10 minutes of pressing send. That was just 10 months ago and I am just a few weeks away from delivering our baby boy. We had treatment in the UK initially, which was an expensive, highly impersonal, confusing, lonely and at times quite a hostile experience. The idea of embarking upon treatment abroad was extremely daunting but we needn’t have worried. Everything was made very simple with Becky’s clear, concise instructions. Our treatment protocol could easily have felt complicated but her simplification and breakdown of it, in addition to her regular reminders throughout, made it all so easy. We even received a phone call from her on our first day in Brno, wishing us luck and offering positivity and encouragement. I cannot emphasise enough how I believe all of this support contributed to our success. Staff at the clinic were warm, welcoming and professional. We had a fantastic stay in Brno, making good use of all Your IVF Journey’s recommendations, from the beautiful hotel we stayed in to the brilliant restaurants. We almost forgot why we were there. I am 44 and never believed a baby was a possibility for us. Needless to say, I cannot recommend their services highly enough.

Chantal and Mike<br>London, UK

Chantal and Mike
London, UK

After three unsuccessful IVF attempts using own eggs my husband and I decided to try treatment with donor eggs. The process seemed daunting at first but after discovering Your IVF Journey online everything seemed to get a bit easier. Becky was always there with a prompt reply regardless of how trivial the question. Our treatment protocol was explained to us in great detail and a reminder email was sent at each stage of the process. We felt in safe hands with Becky available at all times. The staff at the clinic were also very helpful and friendly. We enjoyed a lovely week in Brno and even fitted in an overnight stay to Prague. The best part is that I am now 22 weeks pregnant with non-identical twins and we can’t wait to meet them! We would highly recommend the services of Your IVF Journey to other couples in a similar situation.

Siobhan and Peter<br>Cork, Ireland

Siobhan and Peter
Cork, Ireland

We would like to thank Becky, and all the staff at Reprofit, for their support and professionalism. It took seven years, one miscarriage, multiple procedures and two failed rounds of IVF before we found Your IVF Journey’s website. We will always be grateful that we did. We travelled to Brno in December 2015 for a donor embryo, thinking that it might take several attempts. We could not believe our luck when, two weeks later, we got a positive pregnancy test. It truly was a miracle! I am now 19 weeks pregnant and feeling the baby moving inside me, which is the most wondrous thing. We absolutely loved Brno, its people, the city and its fabulous Christmas markets. The clinic was impressive and we could not have been happier with our choice. Best of all was Becky, her support, knowledge and endless patience for my silly questions was above and beyond the call of duty. We will forever be in her debt. I cannot recommend Your IVF Journey enough.

Annie and Harry<br>Tunbridge Wells, UK

Annie and Harry
Tunbridge Wells, UK

I am delighted to tell you that I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on Monday.  He is just amazing and we couldn’t be happier! I can’t possibly explain how grateful we are that in our darkest of times as a couple you brought us hope. We could not have taken this journey if it was not for you. Your own experiences made us think things could be possible in a timescale that worked for us. Brno will always be a very special place for us and I think it is amazing that we have been successful on our first attempt. I couldn’t have felt more supported and I felt you really held our hands throughout the process. What you have done for others is wonderful. There are so many couples that are in the same situation and we have certainly told people we know in similar situations to look you up. We ended 2014 thinking we were to have a life without children and we have begun 2016 with our precious bundle. What a turnaround!

Julia and Giles<br>Dublin, Ireland

Julia and Giles
Dublin, Ireland

I just wanted to let you know about the safe arrival of baby Jack. He arrived on 2nd December at a very healthy 8 lb 4. We are absolutely smitten and over the moon with him and want to thank you and all the team at the clinic for your continued help and support on our journey. Everyone was extremely professional and understanding and we were so impressed. It wasn’t always easy but he is so worth it. He is such a blessing!

Kam and Alex<br>Solihull, UK

Kam and Alex
Solihull, UK

I would like to thank Becky and Ben for all their help and support. I am now in my third trimester and going to be a mum very soon. I am so pleased I got all the help I needed before and during my treatment. We couldn’t have fulfilled our dream to become parents without them. The fee is nothing compared to the happiness we have felt since the day we knew I was pregnant. A great service.

Jen and Peter<br>London, UK

Jen and Peter
London, UK

I am pleased to let you know that Rachel was born on 8 July weighing 7.1 pounds and she is beautiful. I can’t thank you enough for your support and help on this journey. You were invaluable in making the process of IVF in the Czech Republic seem very smooth and easy. Emails were answered promptly, treatment dates and protocol sent through quickly, with clear instructions, taking away the uncertainty of dealing with a clinic abroad. The clinic itself was very professional and the staff excellent. This was my second round of fertility treatment overseas and without a doubt dealing with your directly made this round far more relaxed. I cannot recommend you enough. The fee was well worth it, given the extra support, help with transport, the travel guides and most importantly getting us fast-tracked. Thank you!

Anna and Calum<br>Liverpool, UK

Anna and Calum
Liverpool, UK

Working with Becky and Ben at Your IVF Journey took all the worry of IVF abroad away from us. Emails were answered promptly, any worries were dealt with quickly, instructions and arrangements were clear and the whole process was relaxed and encouraging from beginning to end. The clinic is absolutely excellent and you do really feel as if the staff are genuinely interested in the outcome of the treatment you receive. This was our first IVF treatment, we went straight for the egg donation option which seemed the obvious choice for us. We are delighted we did, as we are now 16 weeks pregnant. We couldn’t recommend Becky, Ben and the clinic highly enough.

Maya and Tom<br>Aberdeen, UK

Maya and Tom
Aberdeen, UK

We couldn’t have been more pleased with our decision to go with Your IVF Journey for our donor-egg IVF. From the very beginning Becky and Ben made what could have been a difficult process remarkably simple. Knowing Your IVF Journey had done all the homework and research for us meant we could just trust them to tell us what to do and where to go at each step of the process. The agency fee is well worth the money for what you get in return: priority booking, discounts on hotels, honest travel guides and someone to hand-hold you through the process. If this is your first time going abroad, don’t be anxious. Our experience of the Czech clinic was so much better than our experiences in the UK and the cost was significantly less. And the best bit… we were successful in falling pregnant.

Sasha and Andrew<br>London, UK

Sasha and Andrew
London, UK

We are 30 weeks pregnant with non-identical twins! Everything is going wonderfully well, although I do look like a small planet! We are thrilled to bits and have been recommending your service to anyone who will listen. Thank you for all the help you gave us. Especially the encouragement after my follicle-tracking scan just before we were due to fly, which showed I only had two follicles. I remember feeling at that point that it was all over. But you were so lovely and we went for it following a phone call from Ben, who was incredibly calm and positive. Those two little follicles have gone on to grow into our two babies and they will be with us very soon. We are so happy and excited. Words can never express how grateful we are and how lucky we feel.

Hanna and Michael<br>Diss, UK

Hanna and Michael
Diss, UK

We would have found trying to arrange matters in another country very difficult without Your IVF Journey. Their fees were a small portion of our total expenses and represent excellent value for money, as the advice and direction we received proved so useful. Unfortunately nothing came from our first attempt, but Your IVF Journey continued to support us at no extra cost when we tried a second time, after which we are fortunate enough to have two lovely sons. Becky and Ben were a great help every step of the way and we highly recommend their services.

Emma and Mark<br>Portsmouth, UK

Emma and Mark
Portsmouth, UK

We contacted Your IVF Journey after many years of unsuccessful IVF treatment. After spending some time talking to Becky, we knew we had found the support we needed. Having someone who can communicate for us directly with the clinic has been such a help. They’ve been through the process themselves and know the clinic, its procedures and staff really well. You often feel very alone when going through fertility treatment. But Becky and Ben were there for us. I’m now 15 weeks pregnant after an FET following our fresh donor-egg cycle. After 7 years and 6 IVFs, we are looking forward to our miracle baby’s arrival in July.

Sue and Matthew<br>Lisbon, Portugal

Sue and Matthew
Lisbon, Portugal

We embarked on the IVF process feeling uncertain and anxious, especially with me being a first-time older mother. We contacted Your IVF Journey, immediately felt reassured, and didn’t hesitate to go ahead. I definitely couldn’t have done this alone. Becky helped with everything, including where to source the drugs, which were considerably cheaper than expected. We were incredibly lucky to have succeeded on our first attempt and we have three more embryos in storage. We shall definitely return in the future. I can’t recommend Your IVF Journey and the clinic in Brno highly enough. Somehow, a process which seemed daunting and fraught became so much easier when someone is just a call or email away. Words don’t really do this justice, but thank you a million times over for helping to make this dream come true.

Karen and Sam<br>Swindon, UK

Karen and Sam
Swindon, UK

We had success the first time around and are now 25 weeks pregnant! The level of care and service Becky gave was excellent and the clinic was extremely professional. It has been a smooth process thanks to Becky and team. We are over the moon and can’t wait to meet our little girl! Thanks Becky!

Katherine and Julian<br>Paris, France

Katherine and Julian
Paris, France

We are now 30 weeks pregnant and getting very excited to meet our boy/girl twins! The whole process from beginning to end went very smoothly, with Becky on hand every step of the way to answer any questions we had. We fell in love with Brno and strongly feel that being away in a beautiful city played a part in our success with IVF. All the staff at the clinic were fantastic and really put us at ease. We were well cared for and kept well informed throughout the process. The lab staff are also amazing and we were very lucky to be able to freeze a good number of quality blastocysts too! We cannot thank Becky and the clinic enough. We still can’t believe we have been blessed with two little miracles!

Rachel and Peter<br>Romsey, UK

Rachel and Peter
Romsey, UK

After two failed IVF cycles at an eye-wateringly expensive Harley Street clinic we were completely wiped out, both emotionally and financially. I half-heartedly began researching options abroad, came across Your IVF Journey and decided to give them a ring. That first conversation with Ben was amazing – it was the first time in years of treatment I felt I was talking to an actual human being who understood what we were going through. (Talking to our Harley Street clinic we felt like walking chequebooks!) The whole process has been seamless and almost totally stress-free. The clinic was fantastic, the doctors warm and helpful, and Becky and Ben have supported and guided us through it all. So the whole experience ended up feeling more like a (admittedly slightly strange) holiday than an IVF cycle. We’re now 14 weeks pregnant, and finally starting to get our heads around the fact it actually worked! Giving them a ring was the best thing I ever did – we couldn’t recommend Your IVF Journey highly enough.

Ruth and Richard<br>London, UK

Ruth and Richard
London, UK

After our first IVF cycle success we naively thought it would be easy to achieve success again – not true! After two further failed cycles, and quickly losing momentum and faith, we discovered Ben and Becky of Your IVF Journey and what a find that was. Together with their support and navigation into the scary unknown of treatment abroad, we are now expecting in April. Their instructions are clear, their availability at the end of the phone and prompt replies to any enquiry are second to none. We have never met them personally but the trust they built up with us is now similar to that of a close friend.

Sarah and Alistair<br>Poole, UK

Sarah and Alistair
Poole, UK

I read Becky and Ben’s story and thought, that’s me! They were so reassuring and answered all my questions about how to regulate my cycles, the process, costs and finding a donor. Having someone supporting me throughout, and skipping the long donor waiting list, was a massive benefit. They were incredibly kind and patient with me. Because they have been through painful infertility themselves, they really understood my worries. The trip was actually really enjoyable. Becky’s tips for relaxation were great and the masseur she recommended was incredible. The clinic was efficient and friendly. I even got to choose the songs I could listen to after the embryo was put in! I was lucky enough to get a positive test result. Nearly six months after my trip, I still feel like Ben and Becky are there for me. I honestly can’t recommend them enough. For a nervous person like me who has been through so much hurt and pain, I just couldn’t have done without them. Using them was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Heather and Evan<br>London, UK

Heather and Evan
London, UK

We couldn’t be happier with the help we received from Your IVF Journey. The whole process was so straightforward. Becky was always there to swiftly answer any questions or smooth out any problems (e.g. when I forgot to pack enough medication). The clinic was fantastic, and the staff were friendly and relaxed. Brno is a great city to spend time in – there was a music festival on when we were there. We were matched with a donor who gave us 16 eggs, and we were successful first time. We had our 12-week scan this week and still can’t believe we are having our child in July, after such a long wait. I would recommend using Your IVF Journey to anyone facing fertility treatment.

Jo and Garry<br>Norwich, UK

Jo and Garry
Norwich, UK

I could list all the great points of our experience, but there are so many that it would probably crash Becky and Ben’s website! After six years of trying, two failed attempts at IVF and a whole year of considering how I would feel using another woman’s eggs, I am now 21 weeks pregnant with twins. If I had known then what I know now, I would have called Becky and Ben immediately. The process was seamless, the clinic is beyond excellent, and Becky and Ben were there for us the whole way. I will never forget the morning we had our embryo transfer. I knew in my heart, and felt it so deeply, that these babies were mine. That’s how I’ve felt ever since. We will forever be eternally thankful to Becky and Ben for getting us to this point. We can’t wait to meet our babies!

Lesley and Gerrick<br>London, UK

Lesley and Gerrick
London, UK

Two years ago we were told to look at the option of egg donation. After a while getting our heads around it we decided to go abroad for treatment, as the cost in Ireland is astronomical. We decided on the Czech Republic and I came across Becky and Ben’s website. Even when I made initial contact with Becky, she was so quick in getting back to me with answers to my (probably very trivial and silly) questions and always put my mind at ease. She took care of everything for me and made it so easy for us. We travelled to Brno, stayed there for a week, and two weeks later I found out that I was pregnant. We now have a beautiful 9-week old baby girl lying here beside us. She is a little miracle to us, and we are forever thankful to Becky and Ben for all their help and support.

Mel and Edward<br>Belfast, Northern Ireland

Mel and Edward
Belfast, Northern Ireland

No day goes by without us counting our blessings for the day we found Your IVF Journey’s website and phoned Becky and Ben. After being told by a doctor in a very expensive and cold hospital, we could never use our own eggs, we didn’t really know what to do. After much grieving, we researched our options and came across the warm and friendly Your IVF Journey. From the initial chat to all the procedures later, we cannot fault the professionalism we came across. Both Becky and Ben made us feel at ease with the adventures we were about to embark on. Knowing they had been through the same, really made it real for us. We are delighted to say our first attempt worked and are are now 22 weeks pregnant! A situation we never thought we would get to. We feel so incredibly blessed and feel there are so many people in this journey to thank. From Becky and Ben, to the doctors and staff at the clinic and to some wonderful friends we made in Brno. We are now spreading the news to friends in similar situations and hope many other couples will consider this route. We give thanks each day for picking up the phone and being given hope.

Julie and Ben<br>London, UK

Julie and Ben
London, UK

Egg donation was the only realistic option for us. But we were dismayed at the waiting time for donors in the UK. When going abroad was suggested to us, we were apprehensive and unsure for a while. But after talking to Your IVF Journey, I felt much more at ease with the idea. It was like someone had my back covered and was watching over everything. I could contact Becky and Ben about anything, whenever I needed to. When we were in Brno, all of their reassurances about the clinic were true. We felt comfortable with the whole process. Amazingly, we are now nine weeks pregnant and it’s still not sunk in! We are grateful to Your IVF Journey for the support and help they have given us, which was invaluable.

Sue and Alan<br>Worcester, UK

Sue and Alan
Worcester, UK

After an unsuccessful IVF attempt in the UK, the process of which I found quite stressful, I decided to employ the services of Your IVF Journey on my second attempt. I can honestly say it was well worth the investment. I was given constant reassurance of the necessary procedures, with very quick responses to any queries I had. Nothing was too much trouble. My treatment was a success and I am currently seven months pregnant with a very healthy baby. I have subsequently recommended this service to a friend – she is also very impressed with all the help she has been given and is pregnant too! We really can’t thank Ben and Becky enough.

Kirsty and Blake<br>Truro, UK

Kirsty and Blake
Truro, UK

Alex and I would like to say a big thank you to Your IVF Journey for making our dreams of having a baby come true. IVF treatment, especially abroad, can be daunting and stressful. But Becky and Ben were so encouraging and helpful throughout the whole process, our minds were put at ease from the beginning. No concern of ours, whether big or small, was ignored and our questions were always responded to promptly and thoroughly. Also, when our first cycle did not work, Becky and Ben were so understanding, offering their services again at no extra cost. I would most certainly recommend Your IVF Journey to anyone looking to have IVF treatment in the Czech Republic.

Tamsin and Alex<br>Bath, UK

Tamsin and Alex
Bath, UK

Becky and Ben made the daunting prospect of going abroad for donor egg treatment into an easy and enjoyable experience. When we first started researching donor eggs abroad it seemed like a minefield. We were overwhelmed. But finding Your IVF Journey’s website instantly made us feel that this next part of our journey to become parents would be achievable. The fee is very reasonable given the amount of contact and information we received and all the organisation that was done on our behalf. From receiving the prescriptions for the drugs, recommendations of hotels, modes of travel (even to the extent of which tram stop and tram number to catch) and things to do while we were there, things couldn’t have been less stressful. We had many questions, and not once were we made to feel a nuisance, each one answered in a timely and professional manner. And knowing that Becky and Ben had been through the same process at the same clinic made the whole experience more reassuring. We are currently pregnant with twins after our first try. Thank you Your IVF Journey for your help with our journey.

Shelley and Andrew<br>Exeter, UK

Shelley and Andrew
Exeter, UK

After several years of trying to conceive unsuccessfully, we took our first steps into the IVF world. After lots of research we decided to go with Your IVF Journey. We couldn’t be happier with the choice we made. From start to finish Becky and Ben were great. Having them handle all the communication with the clinic and answer all our questions was invaluable. It made the whole experience much easier than if we had tried to organise everything ourselves. Becky and Ben took all the pressure off, enabling us to enjoy the whole process. The clinic was fantastic, Brno was lovely and we had a surprisingly relaxing time. I’m currently 16 weeks pregnant and couldn’t be more thrilled. None of this would have been possible without Becky and Ben’s help and advice. We will be forever thankful to them.

Louisa and Nick<br>Birmingham, UK

Louisa and Nick
Birmingham, UK

Thank you for getting us through what could have been a daunting journey. You both made the whole experience simple, from booking the clinic (which is excellent) to a date that suited us, help with travel arrangements and a handy guide for when we were in Brno. Plus being on hand to help with any queries or concerns we had before and after the trip to the Czech Republic. After three failed IVF attempts in the UK, I am delighted that I am now 16 weeks pregnant with twins thanks to Your IVF Journey. I don’t know what we would have done without you.

Pam and Eamon<br>London, UK

Pam and Eamon
London, UK

We are having a boy! All is fine so far and I’m 22 weeks now with a proud bump! We just wanted to say a huge thank you for your support and advice before, during and after our treatment in Brno. Your professional service, and the unbelievable treatment we received, have truly ‘completed’ our family unit. There are not enough words to say thank you, and even those two words seem too small for such a gift we feel we have been lucky enough to receive. I’m so thankful I came across your website and that our paths crossed when they did.

Hannah and Simon<br>Derby, UK

Hannah and Simon
Derby, UK

It was most useful to have a UK contact throughout the process. Both Becky and Ben are very approachable and helpful, making the experience easier to cope with.

Annabel and Marcus<br>Norwich, UK

Annabel and Marcus
Norwich, UK

Millions of thanks to Becky and Ben for making our dream come true. I’m presently 13 weeks pregnant and expecting twins! After trying multiple IVF treatments with no success, we decided to go with egg donation abroad using Your IVF Journey. My husband and I were greatly supported through the entire process, and helped overcome our fears and anxieties. We could never have done this without you both! Please continue with your fantastic work in helping others, and guiding them through their incredible journey.

Karina and Michael<br>Montreal, Canada

Karina and Michael
Montreal, Canada

I’m pregnant! Thanks for all your help with both cycles, you have made the whole process so easy and we have had two lovely trips to Brno. The advice and support have been above and beyond what I could have hoped for.

Kerry and Matthew<br>Darlington, UK

Kerry and Matthew
Darlington, UK

I am now 14 weeks pregnant and couldn’t be happier. I owe so much to Becky and Ben at Your IVF Journey. We will be forever grateful for all your efforts and those of the clinic. I just don’t know how we could have done it without you. As you’ve been through the same experience, you were able to allay my concerns and worries. I feel so happy and blessed each day!

Susan and Stuart<br>Reading, UK

Susan and Stuart
Reading, UK

I dare not count my chickens, and I should be rejoicing from the rooftops, but I say this with trepidation… we’re flipping pregnant! It’s completely surreal. My HCG came back at 2265 so I’d better start to believe it! Thank you so much for your help in ‘getting’ us to Brno. I wish every couple would do an ‘IVF holiday’. It’s a far, far more positive experience than in the UK. With huge thanks.

Lorna and Sam<br>Huddersfield, UK

Lorna and Sam
Huddersfield, UK

Thank you both ever so much for all the work you did for us on our IVF journey. We wouldn’t have been able to get through everything without the massive help we received from you both. Everything was so quick and efficient and I wouldn’t fault a single thing from your service. Not only do we appreciate your help but more importantly we appreciate the support we received from you both. It kept us positive the whole way through our treatment.


We also had a fantastic experience at the clinic, who were also very positive the whole way through. We are delighted that the treatment worked first time and now we are pregnant. So again, thank you so much for everything you have done for us.

Melanie and Simon<br>Dublin, Ireland

Melanie and Simon
Dublin, Ireland

We found Your IVF Journey online after doing lots of research on IVF using donor eggs. We are glad we chose them and were very happy with their service. They were very professional, at the same time friendly, and in our case very patient and understanding. Now, thank God, we are 12 weeks pregnant and are expecting twins!

Bryan and Joanne<br>Watford, UK

Bryan and Joanne
Watford, UK

I started trying to get pregnant when I was 38, but nothing was happening. I had consoled myself that maybe it was not meant to be, and that I had left it too late. We also had looked into adopting. But then we came across Your IVF Journey and were pleasantly surprised by the cost of IVF at their clinic. I called them and felt very positive after our chat. We decided to get the ball rolling.


Ben and Becky were there every step of the way, answering all our questions. We decided to go with embryo adoption, given my age. We had two embryos implanted. The clinic was fantastic and Ben and Becky’s support and guidance made our journey abroad easy. Brno is a beautiful place, very relaxing, and the hotel was lovely. I am pleased to tell you that I am 18 weeks pregnant with twins! All our dreams have come true and it is thanks to Your IVF Journey.

Louise and Chris<br>Glasgow, Scotland

Louise and Chris
Glasgow, Scotland

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