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  • Ead

    After 4 miscarriages from natural pregnancies (all in 1st tri. and all with heartbeats) and seeing a couple OBs and REs, I was told by a RPL specialist RE that the reason for all my miscarriages was alloimmune dysfunction (partial DQ alpha match with my spouse and activated NKcells). The prognosis was for me to try IVF egg banking with PGS testing of embryos before transferring only 1 embryo at a time. I have now had 3 failed ivf banking cycles, which only yielded 2-4 eggs in each cycle. All eggs fertilized easily in all cycles but only one out of all 3 cycles made it to PGS testing and that was abnormal. I am thinking I made more progress trying on my own rather than going this route and am doubting the whole NK cells and partial DQ alpha diagnosis somewhat.

    September 08, 2017
    • Ead

      I am now 43.

      September 08, 2017
  • Marshall

    There are many many things wrong with NK testing and treatments. simply the tests do not reveal what causes miscarriage or implantation failure…no one knows what the NK tests are really doing in these couples. No one can agree on what is an abnormal test either. MAJOR PROBLEM there…how can one determine what to do and whom to treat if they cannot agree on what the tests do or what is normal/abnormal??? Then there is the treatment…put aside the sad problems of side effects like that noted above which can be devastating…simply the treatments DO NOT work to prevent miscarriage or IVF failure. The story above shows this clearly…and there are MANY like it, one only sees the stories where there have been sad failures the voila!. take intralipid and there is a pregnancy. that is not evidence. Shameless providers over the world seem to jump on board with something like this and dupe couples.

    January 22, 2017
  • jane sexton

    I had immunosuppression treatment privately in London out of sheer desperation, in conjunction wtih IVF treatment overseas, falling pregnant with twins.
    As a nurse, i am well aware of the side effects of medication, but i did not expect to become seriously ill at 18 weeks and being diagnosed with septecaemia, required IV medication that has left me with stage 3 kidney disease. I also lost both of my girls short of 24 weeks.
    I am happy to report 6 months after this i fell pregnant again having no immune treatment at all with FET from the same cycle, resulting in my gorgeous 2 year old son.

    November 29, 2015
    • jane sexton

      …to add to the above, my consultant said that the pregnancy in conjunction with the immune treatment had lowered my immune system to that of someone with HIV

      November 29, 2015
    • gigi

      Hi Jane,
      I just want to say I am so sorry for the illness u suffered and the loss of your girls. At the same time it is great to hear u now have a son. I also have a son from IVF who is now 2.5 yrs old. I have just embarked on my 5th IVF to try for a second child. This will be our final attempt as I am now 43. I suffer with psoriasis and have been researching intralip treatment thinking maybe autoimmune issues were the reason for multiple failures. However, I have always been sceptical of anything that surpresses the immune system. After reading about your experience I will not be considering such treatment anymore. Also the fact I have a child from IVF (without intralips) suggests I do not need them and it was just bad luck that the other 4 cycles failed. Thanks for sharing your story. It has helped me make a decision.

      January 20, 2019

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