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  • Farhana

    I am 32 successful pregnancy with round 1 of ivf I have a beautiful DD, we have embryos frozen so we decided to go for another cycle 2 years later. FET and another successful pregnancy, however we miscarried at 8 weeks with twins (chromosome abnormalities) I am heartbroken. Can’t think of a 3rd cycle incase the same thing happens again. Has this happened to anyone else? Did you go through another cycle? Did it result into a healthy pregnancy? Please help with any advice

    September 13, 2021
    • Val

      Hi Farhana, I had a DD after the first transfer (fresh) of my 2nd IVF cycle. We also did an FET 2 years later and miscarried at 8 weeks. I am 35 and we plan to do another FET as we have remaining frozen embryos. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t do another IVF cycle as I found the egg retrieval process really emotionally/financially draining and physically/mentally stressful. Our daughter is such a gift and, while we would love for her to have a sibling, we are also just really thankful to have her. I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer for you. Take the time you need to grieve the loss of your twins and then evaluate which option will be the best idea for you and your family financially, physically, emotionally, and mentally. <3

      October 29, 2021
  • Kasey

    Our second round of IVF it was a success I had a lot of bleeding called the doctor they went and seen the babies heart rate said everything was fine two weeks later the baby had no heart rate and I lost a child is it because I stopped the endometrium too soon was there anything that I could’ve done to prevent it I’m 35 and the cost of IVF is extremely expensive and now I just think my whole world and dream is over

    July 17, 2020
    • Charles

      Your dreams and wishes will never be over. Keep trying until someone says you can’t. Keep your head.

      December 18, 2020
    • Julie

      Kasey, I had the exact same thing, heavy bleeding and pain but not miscarriage. On the way home from the hospital from the 6 week scan (where they saw a heartbeat) i began to bleed even more, returned to the hospital where they said my pregnancy was very high risk at this point and miscarried at the hospital. After the first lot of bleeding I stopped all my medication. But as the nurse said it would have been a very risky pregnancy anyway.

      July 23, 2021
  • Jai

    These suggestions are exactly right and if you have a good RE, they will recommend the right protocol for you. I’m 41, have been ttc for 9 years. Five years ago I took a hold of my life. Left my stressful job, adjusted my diet, did yoga weekly, went for acupuncture regularly, cleaned out all the old relationships in my life and committed to the process physically, emotionally, and financially. So many tears along the way but my SO was in 1000% and we took our egos out of it and even shared our struggles with others. It helped. We didn’t stop our life, we kept going. I even decided to start grad school because didn’t want to let this define me. We got with a great doctor a year ago and now after our 2nd round of a FET and a miscarriage in-btwn, we are 9 wks with twins. Whatever happens, we will make it. I have hope. Good luck and don’t give up. You’re stronger than you think. <3

    January 12, 2020
    • Georgieann

      Thanks for sharing. Really encouraging. I pray the twins are growing healthier and strong. Good luck on your pregnancy.

      July 16, 2020
    • Jada

      Hi Jai, I am so happy for you are pregnant with twins!! What a miracle!! I am going through such a hard time right now after FET and now miscarriage …May you please share with me what did you do after your first try of FET to get pregnant again? I am so heartbroken

      July 29, 2020
  • Rudeshi

    I am 33 yrs old, on 28th Mar 2019 I have undergone through FET with 2 embryos.. Everything tested negative observed before was normal but on 10th Apr 2019 when doc performed Beta HCG blood test it shows negative with .38 mIU/ml… It’s been 4 yrs of marriage without any living issue and any other medical problem… God knows when he will do miracle in our lives… This is so much stressful part in any women’s life in spite of trying hard in every aspects to become mother they failed again with tears n disheartened left only… Pls suggest us, do we go for second cycle..

    April 11, 2019
    • Neeti

      Your are right i am on same stage.first ivf cycle completed.after 15 days took upt and it was negative.i got married 4 years hopes

      April 15, 2019
    • Johanna


      I did two fet with 2 embryos each time! And failed. I tried my last embryo without birth control, antibiotics, blood thinners, and it worked. I only used estrogen and progesterone. Probably the medication is not helping.

      April 19, 2019
  • Rene

    Five days after having the transfer … my partner was ask to return for her examination and told that that the transfer was unsuccessful..
    Two days later, she suffered heavy haemoraging and was taken to the ANE of our local hospital and was told that she was six weeks pregnant and that she had suffered a miscarriage..

    Question …
    Is it possible to experience heavy bleeding after such a short transfer period ?

    Is it also possible that the transfer occurred when she was already pregnant ?

    Prior to the transfer she was advised that the lining of her womb rather enlarged..

    Please Advise

    August 21, 2018
  • Vanessa

    Actually, you can absolutely do intermuscular progesterone in oil shots yourself, without a nurse or partner. I did for about nine weeks, and was just discharged successfully to my ob. The technique is slightly different than what my doctors office showed but there are YouTube tutorials. A single woman can successfully go through this treatment without a partner and without daily visits to the doctors office.

    July 30, 2018
    • Naedee

      Where did you give yourself the shots at?

      November 26, 2019
  • Annie

    I did my et on 1st Aug and on 18 th I start blood clotting but still on medication…..I m scared and this is my first ivf …. plz help me

    August 18, 2017
    • Tamara Clarke

      Hi. I had my transfer on August 4th. I got a positive pregnancy test on august 18th and found out on September 8th there was no baby. He just stopped growing. The pregnancy sac was empty. I had my D&C on September 13th. Good luck to you and your baby. This was my first IVF

      September 15, 2017
  • Monica

    I am 33, had my 2nd ivf (1st one failed), got 3 FET. After 2wks my Hcg level showed positive result but on day 19 I had cramps and started bleeding with clots. Took another blood test on day 21, hcg level doubled but Nothing could be seen in the ultrasound. My doctor says I must have miscarried. Waiting for another test after a week. Could I still be pregnant? Please share your views. M so depressed!

    July 18, 2017
    • Kambria Neal

      I got pregnant after an FET, developed a blood clot in my uterus, and had lots of bleeding. I ended up having a miscarriage at 8wks, but not due to the clot. It may be just that if your levels are rising, and the doctor said many women have successful pregnancies after developing a clot.. just breath for now.

      July 26, 2017
  • d

    Hi I’m 34. I had ivf in 2014 resulted in my son this year iv been thru 2 ivf cycles and one natural fet with 3 embyros put back all were grade 2 resulted in a pregnancy bt I miscarried at 4weeks totally devastated but have faith it will work

    July 07, 2017
  • Suma

    I’m 34!!!! My 2nd attempt of Ivf going on. Hope of positive i look forward…

    June 21, 2017
  • Dawn

    I’m 44 and about to go through egg retrieval. Very nervous and concerned about everything but trying to stay positive!!

    I do have a cat and I do clean his litter. I’m super concerned now remembering the toxoplasmosis. At what point does it affect the baby? Is is now at the egg forming stages? I go for my ultrasound next Saturday. Had a blood test at my baseline. I don’t think I had anything show up or they would have told me right? I’m going to ask today. Thanks for any insight!

    May 06, 2017
  • Rosie

    Hi I’m 44, last week I found out I was pregnant a little over 4 weeks using ED. On Friday my 2nd beta test dropped from 158 to 98. My dr is hoping it’s a lab error, he said he is still hoping. I’m retesting on Tuesday. I’m heartbroken. I’ve been testing at home and today the line was barely there.

    December 11, 2016
    • Esther Murag

      Did your pregnancy become viable after the drop of hcg ??

      January 03, 2018
  • Susanmckay

    my daughter has had ivf 2micarriages has nkd and they think now sticky blood can she get pregnant both miscarriage s ended in 6 weeks

    Sue. Mum

    December 10, 2016
  • Maureen Ross-Hamilton

    A very interesting reassuring read.
    I am 47. 1 round with my eggs failed in UK
    Round 2 Greece, egg donation. Just failed gutted.
    4 frozen eggs left.
    We are not yet finished.
    Good luck to all.

    November 23, 2016
  • Oak

    Hello, I’m 42 and was told last week that both HCG tests were positive. I’m 4 weeks and scheduled the ultrasound at week 7. But this morning I had bright red bleeding and an hour later had blood clots. Visited the doctor and she examined the uterus but too early to see sac she only saw active bleeding which she said was concerning. She ordered another HCG to check the levels if they were increasing or decreasing 🙁
    This Is our 2nd embryo transfer, our first IVF attempt didn’t pass fertilization. We have two embryos left.

    Fingers crossed

    October 31, 2016
  • Aimee

    Donor egg IVF isn’t an absolute guarantee of course. I’ve gone through 4 rounds of it and just miscarried at 8 weeks. And I’m perfectly healthy.

    August 04, 2016
    • L

      Hi Aimee,

      I completely agree. I have had 3 transfers of donor eggs. The final round I had an endo scratch and quad therapy which resulted in a pregnancy. However, I have just found out the baby stopped growing at 6 weeks so am due to miscarry. Not looking forward to it one bit. No Frosties left so now go to start the whole process again from scratch. 🙁


      August 29, 2016
  • Pj

    43, and just been diagnosed with a blighted ovum/ slash not to sure if it’s eptopic.. Waiting to repeat hcg results, they are hoping they are decreasing.. Meaning nature is looking after things.. Really gutting, 3rd round of ivf.. 1st positive, and bloods going well, until my 5 week early pregnancy scan.. Devastation, didn’t know such s thing exists, for now I have to heal emotionally and physically.. As my belly is still swollen, before we face what’s bext..ED on the cards? Where there is a womb there is a way..x

    July 29, 2016
  • Castlecooley100

    I’m 6 weeks today, 44 using donor eggs. I’m on loads of medication, stomach have is like a blackcurrant. Had my HCG done twice 1 week apart 4,49, week 5 409. Apparently it’s a good sign. I’m nervous. Can’t wait to October when I’ll hopefully be 20 weeks

    July 05, 2016
  • vida

    A very good education. Is well noted as am about to go for 2nd ivf journey.
    Thank you

    March 11, 2016

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