IVF with Donor Eggs

IVF with donor eggs, or donor-egg IVF, is one of the most successful IVF treatments. Many women produce poor-quality eggs that reduce the odds of a successful pregnancy. IVF with donor eggs offers a solution, and many couples travel abroad for cheaper, faster and better treatment. Our partner clinic is one of the leading donor-egg IVF centres in Europe.

With donor-egg treatment, eggs are retrieved from a young, healthy donor. The eggs are fertilised and the resulting embryos transferred into your uterus. Our pregnancy rates are over 70% – better than most clinics in Europe.

Treatment with donor eggs is a very successful procedure. And the opportunity to create a life using donor-egg IVF techniques is a remarkable one. As successful parents of a donor-egg baby ourselves, we can tell you that once your baby is in your arms, she feels truly yours.

Donor-egg IVF – the donors

Thanks to the steady supply of healthy, altruistic donors in the Czech Republic, waiting times for IVF with donor eggs are short. Couples typically wait for about six months for treatment. However, under our exclusive deal with the clinic, all of our patients get priority booking. Your wait for donor-egg IVF treatment could be just eight weeks.

In the UK, availability of egg donors is a problem. Egg-share arrangements can be problematic, since donors are older and going through fertility treatment themselves. At our clinic, your donor is young, healthy and recruited just for you. The shortage of UK donors isn’t helped by the legal right of donor-conceived children to trace their birth parents. Whatever your views on the matter, no such barrier exists in the Czech Republic: egg donors remain anonymous.

With IVF using donor eggs, donor selection takes place at an early stage in the process. This ensures the best possible physical match. All donors are well-educated Czech citizens. Many are students: the city of Brno has the largest undergraduate population in the country. Rigorous medical screening includes psychological, sexual and genetic testing.

Donor-egg IVF – success rates

The clinic carries out over 1,000 donor-egg IVF cycles a year: more than any other clinic in the country. Positive HCG pregnancy tests were achieved in 65% of cycles in 2016 – an excellent success rate. But that figure rises to over 70% for the patients we help – reflecting the care and support we provide. The large pool of young donors, most in their early twenties, maximises your chance of a successful pregnancy.

Donor-egg IVF – the process

At Your IVF Journey, we’re always on hand to discuss your treatment options. Once you’re ready to proceed with your donor-egg IVF cycle, we’ll ask you to complete a medical questionnaire, prepared by the clinic, outlining your fertility history and donor choice.

After your questionnaire is reviewed by the Czech clinic, we’ll tell you if you need any more scans or tests. We’ll schedule your treatment date and you’ll be free to book your flights, accommodation and arrange time off work. We’ll pass on your medical protocol and prescription and explain clearly your donor-egg IVF timetable.

In most cases, your medical preparation will include taking an injection to close down your ovaries a month before your donor-egg IVF transfer. You’ll then start taking stimulation drugs. Once at the clinic, you’ll be given additional medication. Your partner’s sperm sample will be mixed with your donor’s eggs on egg-retrieval day. Five days later, you’ll have your transfer.

Apprehensive? Please don’t be. Ben and Becky Saer, founders of Your IVF Journey, have had successful IVF with donor eggs at the Czech clinic. We’ll explain everything very clearly. We’ll also pass on all medication instructions from the clinic. We want to help you have successful donor-egg IVF treatment. And for your experience to be as stress-free as possible.

Donor-egg IVF treatment costs

€4,850 (euros) for a single cycle Currency converter

What’s included?

Your IVF Journey is committed to totally transparent pricing. Unlike most clinics, where ‘extras’ can often double the cost of treatment, the donor-egg IVF treatment cost includes your initial consultation, treatment plan, blood tests (STDs), sperm analysis, your donor’s stimulation, compensation and egg retrieval, ICSI, extended cultivation, assisted hatching and embryo transfer. Fertility drugs are separate – talk to us about our discounted rates.

Agency fee

Our agency fee is £395 for fresh donor-egg cycles. The price includes careful management of your treatment by former patients of the clinic. Plus the chance to jump the queue and have your donor-egg IVF treatment in as little as eight weeks. This fast-track route, together with our other financial benefits and savings worth up to £1,000, makes our service unbeatable. For a full breakdown of how we look after you, see our price list.

Our price guarantee

For single cycles, if you don’t fall pregnant after your first IVF cycle with donor eggs, we’ll give you 50% off our agency fee for your second course of treatment. And if you’re not pregnant after two donor-egg cycles, you only pay 50% of the treatment fee for your third cycle. (A copy of the clinic’s ‘shared risk’ offer is available on request.)

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