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  • Bittu

    I am trying to is my 11 th dy and my egg size is 15mm and uterus lining is 6mm. Doc suggested me to intake 2mg estradiol valerate tablets thrice a day. Is it ok to intake thrice a day.(total 10 tab)

    July 24, 2021
  • Mkm

    Can i reduce my estrogen intake on my own wirhout letting doxtor know before transfer …

    June 01, 2020
  • Tiya

    Im in early pregnancy of 5 weeks . Doctor suggests me to take progynova 2mg twice a day as i was taking ovigyn D3 before conceiving. Is it safe to take the med.

    January 10, 2020
  • Sonal

    I had egg donor ivf tranfer and got positive from 10th day of transfer i got started itching and redishness on my body so doctor advised me to stop progynova
    So can pregnancy grow naturally ..

    December 24, 2019

    I had my transfer of fresh egg donor egg on 22 of March 2019. Doc. Prescribed 2mg 3 times daily, progesterone injection 100mg a day and progesterone 400mg pessaries. I only have headaches, little tiredness,salivary mouth for a day or two. In fact am just as healthy as I went to do the IVF with donor eggs. No serious symptoms of pregnancy. It this normal.

    March 31, 2019
  • Esosa

    Hi am taking Estradiol 2mg. My lining is now 6mm and I was advised to continue for another three days. My question is that what if my lining is over 8mm, would that be normal and will they still continue with the transfer.

    March 29, 2019
    • Misty

      Hi, I know you posted this years ago but I just wanted to add a reply in case other readers are concerned about this too. Over 8mm is definitely ok and actually good as 7-8 is the baseline for lining. The thicker the better. When you get close to 40mm that is when you will be too thick and at risk of bleeding.

      November 20, 2021
  • Chioma

    I just had a hysteroscopy after the doctor said that my lining is thin. So he recommends progynova 2mg, two times a day for one month.

    February 19, 2019
    • Shannon

      Hi there,

      I just saw your post, I just had a hysterscopy and have to take 2mg estrace, I’m just curious did you end up getting pregnant and were you able to do a fet after? And if so how long

      Thanks for any advice I know this is an old comment


      November 22, 2019
  • Stephani

    I was on estradiol tablets for almost 2weeks due to FET preparation but I stop as the FET did not take place. However, I have been waiting for my period and is overdue for almost 13days. Please is it normal to have such a long delay after having stopping estradiol tablets?

    February 12, 2019
    • Charlotte

      I was just on Estrogen as well also to prepare for FET. On day 10 she said that everything looked good so far and to come back next week. A follicle was seen on Day 10. I could see it myself. Next appointment she told me it had to be canceled as the local hospital will not do FET on Easter !! Why didn’t they just tell me that from the start, so that I don’t take medications that I don’t need. Hang in there.

      April 26, 2019
  • Annie

    I’m on Progynova 2mg, 6mg a day and I am 9 weeks pregnant, however I am vomiting 6-7 times a day not only morning but anytime including midnight. I believe it is Progynova that is causing me vomitting so badly I can’t eat anything not even drink water. So I skipped one pill and missed second Progynova for a day then I could eat for dinner first time.. Can I take 4mg rather than 6mg a day instead? Otherwise my baby won’t have rnough nutrition as I vomit so badly..

    December 24, 2018
    • Prabhnoor kaur

      I am 3 weeks told me to have progynova even after pregnancy…is it safer to have it..I read many articles that it is not safe
      In early pregnancy….I am so worried…could u guide me pls

      February 27, 2019
  • Byd

    Hi I had my First IVF transfer with two embryos on Wednesday 28/11/2018, Today is my 2day ET but I don’t have any symptom can some help please or is it too early to complain?

    November 30, 2018
    • Rosey

      I did my EFT on 20/03/2019. First fresh cycle failed. Im on estrofem now 6mg. My test is on the 29th I can’t help it nerves are killing me. The last time I did not cope well with the negative result.

      March 23, 2019
  • Janaki

    Dear Dr.
    My last ivf cycle was failed and d14 after ET
    Was negative .dr said ct estrogen and progesterone for another 3 days and rpt test in after 3days .today 20th day also beta hcg was negative.
    Dear dr
    Can you explain after stopped homone therapy just can be ovulate(wich start yo grow with previous induction) prior to menstruation
    Thank you

    October 16, 2018
  • Barbara

    Hi,hv been on progynova 2mg too prayers for a successful pregnancy.

    October 10, 2018
  • Kimmy jamaica

    I’m 4 weeks pregnant through IVF first attempt,
    However I’m on progynova 2 mg , 3 per day ,
    In my 3rd week I started spotting and StI’ll is .Sometimes my joints hurt and get really weak ,
    at times I get cramping in the pelvic ..

    Has anyone experienced this ?

    October 04, 2018
    • Su

      Hi there!I had my son thru IVF.I was spotting after 3th week,for a 2 weeks.My Dr.told me that is normal in some women .And joint pain is normsl as well.Your body is adjusting to pregnancy.I had shooting pain in my pelvic,it was expanding.
      Good luck

      October 29, 2018
  • Vna

    Ii am on progynova 2 and on day 12 i was suggested for TVS but i started bleeding.

    April 09, 2018
  • Shah

    I have gone through ivf cycle with donar eggs and it is positive. My doctor advised me to take estradiol 24 mg daily but by mistake I was taking 12 mg daily. Just today I came to know (6 week 6 days) pregnant. I am worried and afraid will it harm my fetus.

    April 09, 2018
    • Derv

      I’ve been taking on ovreena 30mg and now have been given progynova 2mg daily. I’m wondering if the dosage is low. I’m also taking vitamins b12 1000mg of fish oil clonfolic & soya isoflavins . I have not been given a date for fet yet. I’m worried I’m not getting enough info from my overseas clinic

      May 25, 2018
  • ss

    On successful IVF OD(at present) 6 weeks,doctor have told to continue for 3 more weeks & then to stop,what side effect I can expect on stopping?

    March 20, 2018
  • Farah

    Hi, I just finish progynova, ovaries are resting, no cysts and the endometrium is 5 mm, good news i will start tomorrow the stimulation. However, last night i have small cramps, is it normal?

    November 25, 2017
  • Sana

    We are supposed to have embryo transfer in 3 days
    My wife is currently taken 4 tabs of estrofem per day the thing is she took it today 8 hours earlier!!
    Se tried to vomit and no pill came out just some water
    Plz help what to do?

    November 22, 2017
  • Chloe O'Connor

    I am taking 6mg of progynova per day for a FET. During yesterday, day 3, I developed abdominal pain. I thought it would dissipate overnight but I am still in pain this morning. Any comments appreciated. Thanks

    November 19, 2017
  • Shikha

    I had my FET on 23rd Sept.. doc prescribed me 4mg PROGYNOVA thrice a day, duphaston 2mg twice a day, Susten- 400 vaginal BD.. also sustem 100 mg inj alternate day… moreover taking folvite & ecospirin once daily…Need to have 2ww for beta HCG… NO symptoms of pregnancy till now, is it good or not good ?

    September 28, 2017
    • vishali

      Heyy Hii i m going through same phase had my Fet on 11th Feb n my doc suggested same Medicn which u hav told Plzz let me know wat happen to u I mean u got positive or???

      February 17, 2018
    • Andy

      Hi..i am prescribed with the same meds. I am under 2ww. What is your outcome?

      October 10, 2018
  • Tanji

    Hi I have been taking estradiol 2mg since my IVF Transfer. I have cramps and tender breast. I was hoping that this was a sign that I am pregnant. Can someone help me. I go for my 2 weeks test on the 19th to see if I am. Could these just be symptoms?

    September 16, 2017
    • DianaK

      How did it go?
      I am currently on my 2W wait period as well and I am experiencing the same symptoms, but
      I read that they could be due the estradiol and progesterone. They both have similar side effects and could be the same as pregnancy symptoms.

      October 10, 2017
    • ruhi

      donot worry n dnt keep guessing whtr u vil get ur prriod or u r pregnanat..because both symptoms r d same…so just relax n enjoy ur self n be happy..

      November 11, 2017
  • Zelina

    Hi, I’m pregnant and have been asked to take 2mg of Progynova twice a day. We conceived through IUI. Does anyone know if it’s recommended to continue after pregnancy? I keep reading information that we should not take it if you’re pregnant. Any advice would be great. Thanks

    August 24, 2017
    • Omolara

      Hi, pls for how many days did u took the progynova before confirmation of pregnancy

      January 03, 2019
  • Maryam


    I am due to have a FET on the 11.08.17. I am having this done overseas however I’ve took 12mg of estrofem for the first two days then 8 mg on day 3, then 2 mg on day 4 and then 6 mg therefore. The doctor did not prescribe me 12mg at once I made the mistake of taking 6 tablets instead of 6mg. I am still planning on going ahead with the transfer. Anybody with any such experience of a high dosage at the beginning? Should I be scard?

    July 31, 2017
  • Sue

    I start progynova 6mm daily and often 10 day my lyinig is 2m what can I used to help

    June 10, 2017
    • Monica

      Can I ask have you had any side effects to the progenova

      June 16, 2017
  • Ana

    I’m still breast feeding my baby who is 1year old. Will estradiol affect my baby if I get 6mg/daily?

    June 07, 2017
  • Thilani

    I’m still breast feeding my baby boy who is 1year and 8 months old.. Will estradiol secreted through breast milk and affect my baby if I get it for FER

    June 06, 2017
  • Olga

    Thanks for explaining the side effects of estrogen. Make me feel much better that it is actually ” normal” the way your body sometimes feel.

    May 26, 2017
  • Mally

    Thanks for sharing it very informative.

    May 18, 2017
  • Kylie


    I am on 6mg Estrofem a day which will continue the next 2 weeks until my next visit at the IVF clinic. I do however feel very sick from the pills. I have vomited 3 times today and feel very sick. Due to circumstances I cant get in contact with my IVF clinic. Is this normal and should I continue to take the pills – I really dont feel like taking anymore pills right now.


    May 09, 2017
    • Jo

      I’m on Progynova 6mg a day and I too thought that was what was making me so sick and asked my dr to switch me to the patches. However she says I’m at too delicate a stage to switch (9 weeks) so I’m having to resort to keeping taking it and taking anti sickness tablets instead. I have to say I really felt like the Progynova was the issue and my friends who used patches said they were never actually sick (whereas I’m vomiting violently twice each morning). yet another example of something I wish I had known BEFORE I started treatment as sounds like I could have gone onto patches if I had raised this earlier.

      May 17, 2017
    • MamaA

      Hi Kylie. I dont have an answer for that. I was on 6mg/day, and now I’m on 4mg/day of Estrace. I just wanted to tell you to hang in there and I hope all goes well for you during your transfer. I wish you the best and stay positive. Good luck.

      May 20, 2017
  • Besa

    Hi, my doctor has subscribe me progynova 2mg, 3 times a day. I was reading the side effects and some of them was breast or ovarian cancer, stroke or heart attack. This has really scared me from start taking it and the doctor did not even explain this to me or did not even asked for my previous medical history. I saffer from panic attacks. Should I take them ot not?
    I am very scared of side effects. Thanks

    April 28, 2017
    • Prof Bamigboye

      It is only when a patient is consistently exposed to estrogen that the risk of endometrial cancer or cardiovascular side effect increase. Occasional exposure as the case in an FET cycle may not warrant panic. However you are correct that your doctor should have allayed your fear by pre -empting your question. Relax and continue your medication.

      April 30, 2017
  • Emily

    I am on fresh egg donor transfer cycle and I didnt have period for 4 months before the cycle. The doc put me on 75ml patches (every 72 hours) for 10 days, my lining has increased from 5.3mm (before patch) to 13mm and I still have to wait for another 10 days to have embryo transfer. I had thick lining history in the past so now the doc told me to change to use pill 2mg only a day. Does it sound correct? I had two failed egg donor cycles already and I had 15mm thickness first time and 21mm second time, my clinic still asked me to go ahead but failed, I never had three lines patterns and I am concerned if my endometrium is not good enough for implantation. I had done hysteroscopy nothing was found. I am confused if I should carry on with this cycle. Could please help? Many thanks

    February 14, 2017
    • MamaA

      Hi Emily.
      I’m sorry you have gone through so much. I see your post is from February. I’m just curious to know how things have gone for you? I hope all is well. And I still wishing you the best of luck.

      May 20, 2017
  • Catherine

    Thanks – this has really helped me as I started taking progynova orally on 31/12 and my clinic has been closed for the holidays. Once they reopen tomorrow I’m going to request a not oral version, hopefully this will help with the headaches & tears!

    January 03, 2017
  • Shaiia

    Thank you.
    This is clearly explained and really cleared out any worries I had.

    December 28, 2016
  • Nivedita sharma

    Nicely explained

    June 28, 2016

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