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  • Parker RuthСѓ

    Like a lot of pregnancy things, there’s no clear cause. The important thing is that they’re common, and not an indication of you or your partner’s ability to conceive—it’s not your fault, and it’s not your partner’s fault.  Many women experience no symptoms, and don’t know that they’ve experienced a chemical pregnancy. For others, it can feel like menstruation and involve some vaginal bleeding. Some common symptoms include getting your period after a positive pregnancy test, light spotting (this can be a result of implantation bleeding, so it doesn’t necessarily mean chemical pregnancy), and menstrual-like cramps. 

    October 12, 2020
  • mona

    i experiencing it now.1 days back nov 10th i do pregnancy tets since i am delayed for i think 4days and the result is positive but one line was so fainth..then the ext day i had brown discharge and it takes 2 days but after the last drop of my wee only.then today nov 12th i experience abdominal cramps and heavy a chemical pregnancy?im 34 yrs old and im really desperate to have a baby.pls help me

    December 12, 2019
  • Marilyn Winning

    Hi I’m 46 and I have had several miscarriages and found out I was pregnant again then on the 5th week I started spotting ,a few days later I did a pregnancy test and I had a positive then tested again a few weeks later and negative so think I must of had a chemical miscarriage though I still feel pregnant

    December 06, 2019
  • Jen

    I have had 5 chemical pregnancies and a 10 week miscarriage within the last year. My husband and I keep trying but I’m wondering if something is wrong. We have 2 children, 8 and 3 and are trying for a third.

    December 01, 2019
    • Jamye

      I dont know if you still get on here. Did you ever find the problem? I’m in the same situation i have two sons 12 and 6 and I had a missed miscarriage at 11weeks and 5chemicals and have had alot of testing done but so far everything has came back good.

      January 06, 2021
  • Kay

    I had a chemical pregnancy early 2019. It is now November 2019 and i pregnant again !!! 6 weeks it doesn’t affect your chances of a successful pregnancy but it does cause worry and sadness but stay positive and know you can try again and have your baby

    December 01, 2019
  • Hania

    I have 4chemical pregnancies in 2 years of ttc! Tests are clear

    February 19, 2019
  • priyanka

    I had chemical pregnancy,now after how much time I can try to conceive??

    October 15, 2018
    • Jen

      I had a chemical pregnancy Sept 28 and just found out I’m pregnant again the other day! You’re more fertile now than ever so go for it!! No waiting period for a chemical pregnancy. I just hope this isn’t going to be another cp.

      October 27, 2018
  • Lori

    Same boat. One naturally conceived child now age 5. One success with ivf, now 13 months. And did ivf 2 more times, both times getting one healthy genetically tested embryo and both times resulting in chemical pregnancies. I have no diagnosed health issues. Devastated!

    October 07, 2018
  • Cristina

    I am 19. I wasn’t trying to become pregnant but I have had one successful pregnancy before and I found out I was pregnant again. I should have been around 6 weeks when I started to feel dull cramps which I thought were implantation cramps. But I had a really sharp pain and went to E.R. I did more lab work two days later. They did an ultra sound and could see gestational sac but nothing in it. I was then told my hormone levels went from 267 to 126 over two days and that I had just had a chemical pregnancy. I have now started cramping badly and bleeding a bit..but I have no idea what else to expect. Please help!

    March 11, 2018
    • Amy

      Hi, I’m the same age as you and I’ve been going through this as well I did a test a few days ago come back positive and then I started cramping and now I’m bleeding heavily I’m waiting for a phone call off my doctor I wasn’t trying for a baby but it’s horrible when things like this happen because I’d of been quite happy to of had a happy healthy baby. Just hoping nothings wrong with me this is the first time I’ve been through something like this. Hope you’re okay babe and if you ever need someone to speak to quite happily contact me and we can share details and at least we can speak to eachother about it xx

      April 03, 2018
  • San3983

    I m 34 hubby is 40 we have been Married for 15 years and been TTC for last 14 years had one failed ivf in October and just had another ivf go this month
    I m currently 10dpt 3dft and I have been home testing since yesterday I have checked on 6 different hpt they all came back positive but I have an extremely painful lower backache on my left side and I m worried and concern that this gonna end up in chemical although I have been taking aspirin before starting this cycle but still not sure if it’s gonna work or not plz help me if anyone knows anymore details about chemical pregnancies baby dust to all x

    December 26, 2017
  • Magsplus

    I am over weight, 42yo, with three healthy kids but have had many early loss:( In the last two months I have had two consecutive ones and at this moment I am 21days past ovulation(had my squinters at 9/10dpo and big fat positives at 11/12dpo then negatives) but no spotting/ cramping/ period still nauseous. It’s like NOTHING I have experienced. Normally I get the loss symptoms within a day maybe two of BFN but there is nothing. I am frustrated and weepy.
    I know why I have had so many losses after lots of testing they found I have a blood clotting problem called Lupus anticoagulant syndrome (not Lupus that most people think of) with low S protein. The ob says take an baby aspirin from O on and if the little bean is viable we can start the heprin injections after 8 weeks but they never seem to make it past. Just sharing my journey and wishing you all loads of sticky baby dust.

    July 13, 2017
    • Toni

      Have you gone to see a hematologist? I have anticardiolipin antibody which makes me susceptible for blood clots. I do IVF now and everyone they have me start lovenox before the embryo transfer and I continue it throughout my pregnancy. My hematologist is much more cautious than my fertility specialist high risk doctor and obgyn so if you haven’t seen one yet I would highly recommend it!!

      December 19, 2017
  • Amy

    It’s not to do with age, I’m 24 and this was my first time pregnant. It’s just unlucky if it happens to you but hopefully we will conceive and be successful soon

    June 26, 2017
  • Marie P

    I think it’s our age. I will be 35 in 2 months…I just experienced a chemical pregnancy. I have 3 natural born children, youngest is nearly 12. Our age along with all the new chemicals in our food, clothing, household goods, air quality, everything. I hope you all are feeling better. We were not planning a child however I am still very sad.

    February 01, 2017
    • Susan

      I’m very much on the similar boat. Turning 35 in 2 months, have 2 beautiful boys conceived naturally and just had a biochemical miscarriage with the third. It quite a toll on you emotionally and traumatic with the initial shock of knowing it. However we all have to believe in a bigger purpose and God’s purpose in our lives. Our bodies are created so beautifully that it knows what it should reject had there been an abnormal fusion. Still hoping for another successful pregnancy.

      June 08, 2017
  • Sara

    Did either of you find out what the issue was or had any success since. I have a 3 year old conceived naturally and have been ttc a second for two years. Had lots of tests but couldn’t find anything wrong. I had 1 failed cycle of IVF and then in the second cycle we had a chemical pregnancy. They are now testing me for natural killer cells and thrombiotic clotting to see if that is preventing the pregnancy devloping further.

    December 05, 2016
  • Marina Guccione

    I had done 1 fresh IVF cycle in Dec. – Jan. 2016 with negative results. I have 2 children (7 y.o. and 1 y. o.) conceived naturally, so I know I am normal. But now, I am concerned that either stimulation medications or something affected my reproductive system, and now I am experiencing chemical pregnancies, 2 in the row. My guess is that the stimulation medications irritated my eggs, and now my eggs are abnormal. I wish I’ve never done it, but I can’t change my past. I will be 36 in June 2016. If you have any knowledge about this please help.

    May 02, 2016
    • Mvp

      So sorry for your situation im on the same boat. I have a child conceived naturally and after 3 years ttc have gotten two chemical pregnancies. Did you find out your issue? Im 36 too.

      September 14, 2016

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