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  • Frances

    Having tried IVF once in Nigeria which failed and was equally painful because I had ovarian hyper stimulation; the reprofit experience was so totally different.
    It was cheaper, better care and an all round better expert advise and treatment. I had 5 embryos -transfered one and froze the remaining 4. That cycle gave me my big son. He’s 3 year old now.
    My experience with reprofit was the best and more of an holiday plus we got our champion!

    August 14, 2020
  • Holly

    We are so glad we chose Reprofit. After researching a lot of clinics all over the world Reprofit was the one that stood out the most for us. The success rates were amazing and the price so much more affordable than uk prices. As first time Ivf patients we were very well
    Informed and supported throughout our whole journey which made it far less stressful. We had been told by a uk fertility expert that our chances of success would be very low even with Ivf but we were successful first time round using our own eggs and sperm and we have 6 more embryos waiting should we decide to have another child in the future. We enjoyed the country very much and treated it exactly as a holiday and almost put Ivf to the back of our minds. I would recommend Reprofit to anybody I spoke to. We are due our baby in 3 weeks time and I can’t wait. All our thanks go to Becky, Ben and the amazing team at Reprofit

    October 11, 2018
    • Laura Campbell

      Was this in Prague or Brno? Thank you, laura

      November 11, 2018

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