Considering IVF abroad? Welcome to Your IVF Journey – run by IVF patients.

Your decision to have IVF abroad is a big one. That’s why we support you every step of the way. Run by successful IVF patients, we work exclusively with one of the most respected IVF clinics in mainland Europe. We help you plan your trip and coordinate your treatment, carefully guiding you through the whole process. Top-quality IVF treatment doesn’t have to break the bank – and we’re here to prove it.

Founded by successful fertility patients Ben and Becky Saer, Your IVF Journey arranges low-cost, high-quality IVF abroad for couples struggling to conceive. Watch Becky’s video here. An IVF cycle can cost up to £10,000 in many UK fertility clinics. As a result, more and more couples now travel abroad for their IVF treatment. Indeed, the high cost of IVF in the UK has been severely criticised by fertility expert Lord Winston.

But having your IVF abroad isn’t just about saving money. Perhaps you’ve had one or two failed cycles in the UK. Or you feel disillusioned by the standard of care you received. You may have heard about higher success rates and shorter waiting lists at IVF clinics abroad. Or you want to focus on your treatment away from the stresses of home and work life.

We’ve joined forces with a leading IVF clinic in the Czech Republic to oversee your treatment. IVF abroad can be a daunting experience: we give you personalised support throughout. We manage your booking, provide trustworthy and detailed information, minimise unexpected costs, advise on travel arrangements and solve communication difficulties. We navigate you through a complicated process. How? Because we chose to have our IVF abroad at the very clinic we now work with. So we understand exactly what’s involved. Read our patient testimonials.

Whether you’re thinking of having IVF with your own eggsIVF with donor eggs or donor-embryo IVF, you’re in safe hands. Please get in touch to discuss your IVF abroad options. You can speak to us in absolute confidence and with no obligation. We’re here to help you – wherever you live in the world.

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Your IVF Journey is run by successful IVF patients Becky and Ben Saer. They now help other couples access low-cost, high-quality fertility treatment at the clinic that got them pregnant. Learn more»

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Our vision is to make IVF more affordable and less stressful for everyone. We support couples having IVF and donor-egg treatment abroad, coordinating their care from day one. Learn more»

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Our partner IVF clinic in the Czech Republic is the leading infertility specialist in the country. Its reputation, service and success rates are better than most UK clinics - and half the price. Learn more»
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