IVF in the Czech Republic

The cost of IVF in the Czech Republic is 70% cheaper than most UK clinics. And with our Czech IVF partner, you’re guaranteed an absolutely superb standard of care. It also has some of the best IVF pregnancy rates in Europe, leaving UK clinics in the shade.

Czech IVF clinic – success rates

The clinic’s average HCG pregnancy rate in 2018 for IVF cycles was an impressive 45%. But that figure rose to a superb 60% for Your IVF Journey patients, reflecting the close care and support we provide. This is over 30% higher than most IVF clinics in the UK.

Even factoring in travel, accommodation and medication, the cost of your IVF break in the Czech Republic is less than half the price of treatment in the UK. And you get a relaxing break in a delightful Czech town at the same time.

Czech IVF treatment – the process

After we’ve talked through your options and you decide to take things further, we’ll email you a medical questionnaire. This will be reviewed by the Czech IVF clinic. If you’ve had IVF cycles before, additional tests may not be needed.

We can usually book your IVF treatment date in the Czech Republic right away. You can choose a date to suit your schedule. Once confirmed, you can book your flights and accommodation. Only one trip is necessary. We’ll give you information on hotel discounts we’ve arranged for you.

We’ll then pass on your medical protocol and prescription from the Czech IVF clinic. We’ll explain the logistics very carefully. We help you get great prices on fertility drugs via our trusted suppliers (potentially saving you hundreds of pounds off high-street prices).

You’ll start your injections at home 10 days before your trip to the Czech Republic. Once at the Czech clinic, your progress will be assessed and you’ll told when to take your ‘trigger shot’, causing you to ovulate on-demand. Your eggs will be retrieved 36 hours later.

The days following egg collection can be an anxious time. But we’ve found that a little sightseeing, eating out and relaxing in your hotel makes things easier. Three or five days later, you’ll have one or more of the best-developed embryos transferred into your uterus.

IVF in the Czech Republic, like anywhere, is quite a complicated process. But Becky Saer, our Czech IVF patient coordinator, will talk you through everything. Becky had successful IVF treatment at the Czech clinic herself and knows precisely what’s involved.

IVF treatment cost

€2,550 (euros)

What’s included?

We believe in fair and transparent pricing. Unlike most clinics, the cost of IVF treatment includes your initial consultation, treatment plan, sperm analysis, egg retrieval, general anaesthesia, ICSI, extended cultivation, assisted hatching and embryo transfer. Blood tests and cryopreservation of leftover embryos at the Czech IVF clinic are an extra cost (it’s not that much). Fertility drugs are also extra – ask us about discounted rates.

Agency fee

Our agency fee is £375.

The price includes full personalised coordination of your treatment PLUS additional benefits and discounts worth up to £1,000. For the full list of benefits, see our price list.

Our price guarantee

Our overriding hope is for your Czech IVF treatment to be successful. If your first IVF cycle doesn’t result in a pregnancy, we’ll give you 50% off our agency fee should you choose to have a follow-up fertility cycle at the clinic. You can’t say fairer than that!

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