• Lena Bratcher

    Hi we’ve been trying 2 have a baby for 18 years & I’d get pregnant but I’d lose it at 4 or 5 months!! I’m sorry but I’m sick & tired of having miscarriages!! I’m mean my husband works all of the time & I’m a house wife!! We’re not getting any younger & we’ve got a lot of love 2 give if we could just keep it in me till the end of the term that’d be fantastic!! But I just don’t know how much ivf or anything like that would cost!!

    December 25, 2018
    • Karen

      There are such places as recurrent miscarriage clinics. Have you tried to get help from there? This may help and give you answers. Ivf is for those struggling to get pregnant, not stay pregnant. Good luck.

      February 12, 2019

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